Software Development

AVSK Technology is a Customized Software Development Company from Delhi, India; we develop software solutions upon the client's requirements. Software development company - Our software developer has expertise on different languages and our in-depth knowledge of various technologies/languages enables us to render various kind of software solutions and services like company services software development India, web development software, portal software development, e-commerce software, application development software, custom software development, offshore software development India and many more.

Usually offshore software outsourcing in India consists of:
Product component outsourcing: Where a part or portion of the overall system is contracted to be developed, mainly when the client may neither possess the skill nor the technology required for the development process.

Process component outsourcing: Where allowing a part of the function of one or more of their process steps or components is being outsourced.

Total outsourcing: Where each and every activity related to software like design, development, testing etc. are outsourced.

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